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Product Range

Since its inception in 1992, Sanabel Foods has positioned itself as the preferred distribution partner for local and multinational fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands under its control, including Kraft foods, Murree Brewery, and Handi (a popular local spice brand). With the most efficient and trusted distribution network across Pakistan and the Middle East, Sanabel Foods has become famous for its ability to catapult the sales of both new and existing blue-chip brands.

With the recent incorporation of the most advanced ERP system on the market along with our state of the art processing facility, our brand managers closely monitor performance and create tailored marketing strategies to maximize each product’s potential for success. Added to this is our strong supplier, dealer, and retailer relationships, which gives us a significant edge over the competition and enables us to operate at economies of scale. We are also the main supplier of Lamb Weston Products to Metro Stores in Pakistan, and The Sanabel Group is currently in talks with a leading energy drink provider as well as a wide range of new, novel products to launch in Pakistan.