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WWE 2K15 finally appeared on PC, coming to consoles in October last year. The computer version adds a full DLC game in one package, which makes it different. But the delay between versions hurt the port’s attractiveness?

the main event

The story of this game is likely to happen. It is hoped that with 2K Sport is now on board, the franchise will be a long-awaited refurbishment. Fairly novyyanimatsiya, voice and personal models were in the middle of the clipboard,to update.

Dazhal, this is not what we have WWE supporters. Instead of 2K Sports bought Visual Concepts (the creators of their NBA position) to give the game a beautiful shine and lifting, but left the shortcomings of the underdog. Result – A game that looks good until you start playing. Now nepamylitstsa that WWE 2K15 is still playing the same way as WWE 2K14, the problem is that fans have been waiting for more.

However, this new version does not add some new action gameplay returns thatcan indicate how in the future can palepshytsbuduchynyu. Includes capture mechanics (usually seen only at the beginning of the engagement) in which they take part in mini-games like Paper, Stone, Scissors. This is for more subtle interaction with the right stick to find the sweet spot faster than the opponent, creating a pleasant napruzhanne.Geta looks good if you were a spectator, but like igrokvyZdobyte victory that lacks most of the fluid and back that it creates.

From there,this is quite common. Exactly the same attack, stroke, counter in the game mechanics all ivso still requires an occasional patient that the followers of the series are known and liked. It usually works well against individual opponents, you can gain strength and control the pace of the match.

Heel lift

However, nezoyme a lot of time to start videt problems. Being on the spot, if you do not Move the Superstar around the absurd, the odds with many opponents make too often,they cling to the wrong competitor. From time to time prostanyazruchnasts, but if you go to the pin and instead of blocking another competitor, it may be a loss of play.

My complaint is WWE 2K15, which is missing in this version more 2K14 or earlier versions of the console.

2K14pakazav a single player company that has spent over 29 years in Wrestlemain’s preparations for the Wrestlemania 30. This year the system was replaced by two rivalry degeneration scenes xs, and the release of Cena and CM.Punks. It works well if you are a fan of any of these characters but do not own the cult character of last year’s game, which leads to a weakened personal experience. Fortunately, if you play alone, the career mode is more rounded, which raises the cherishing the league NGO development in the WWE little to compensate.

inshysposab is absent in WWE 2K 15, he is the creator of history. If it is lost (the mod community will not take over my patient was rarely for it alone,seeing other projects at least).

My last legacy of 2K15 is that in the time elapsed since the release of the console, the history lines show considerable progress. So, in the game form appear strannoneumest compared to their current state. Take Cesare, who gives rating93 (one of the most vysokihv games), but at the moment he suffers in the tag unit from Tyson Kidd. One of the advantages is that CM Punk continues to create the look that the followers of the straight edge emphasize,This will probably be the last time WWE will appear.

playerB +

WWE 2K15 the biggest sin is that it made the wrong first step. I suspect that they adore more than happy with the visual effects in recent years, and more effort mode dedicated to animation. This makes it play like a minulymgode – it just looks better. However, maybe next year we will see that 2K game still goes on the road from where it started. New performance gripcan go a long way to breathe life visually impressive character models, yakiyauzho can be seen in this game.

And perhaps, in the next year we will also see that the PC version will appear over svoevremennomoda. Please?

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