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Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment’s latest franchise for years. This is a first person shooter with the MOBA gameplay idea (online online combat), and no one will be surprised to hear that it spreads across Blizzard’s reputation for well-made software. Overwatch is a broad, multi-cultural adventure in which games as a hero you want to use against other heroes along with other heroes.

There will be no heroes, they will never die

When you start, the best blizzardTo play, you will find a simple list of options: Tutorials, Training and Hero Gallery, where you can find the voice lines and even the appearance of the characters of the game. There is a distance game (which sends you to a random random card team almost instantly), the arcade (or you played whole teams of soup heroes that change every week), or maybe AI.

When you finish playing, winning or losing, you will be treated with your performanceBased on medals, the map shows the two teams for his team most, but for some experience, do not worry: they are capable of level 1 as a level 70. The levels for you can easily help to get the same skills and To give you the freight boxes to fill your gallery characters.

All right, honey! Knight here!

At first the game can be difficult. It takes some time for a canvas, which is of course used for a hero and not much moreAnd you’ll want to learn a lot from them: Each hero has his own fun, which appears when you fight, and a key part of the game teaches many heroes to join the game To adapt to the needs of your team, yourself and what the enemy is doing. .. if that applies to you then Overwatch is safe too!

Is not that her beauty?

The gameplay graphics sound is great. Each hero is accentedand gives the region, which can range from Germany to America and the UK itself, a fitting look to the McCree and Tracer characters. The requirements of the system are adequate and graphic cartoons are not desired. There is nothing to complain about: even the theme of the game at the end of the round is good for the game!

Protect or return from the tomb

Overwatch is no less than what it looks like: a first-person shooter with lots of character, slim and aesthetic.Its simple gameplay hides the hidden depth, with changing fast-paced characters among the most important and important features. This is a great game for anyone who likes their genre or their concepts and is a multiplayer that can be fun, almost reliable.

There are victories and tactics, so play!


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