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There is absolutely no doubt that Microsoft Word is at the cutting edge of its game, providing excellent text processing services. The problem is, it is also a monopoly. People tend to forget that there is an alternative. Because so many companies and organizations use Word,often feel forced to pursue their demands, spending a lot of money in the process. However, there are free options like WPS Free 2016 Office, which can do the same.

Word of the Word

WPS2016 OfficeSphere creates many Microsoft Words environments, so they do not need to be applied mucheye lashes. There will be a period of adjustment, which is inevitable when you are trying to find common settings and setting, but the developers to do a good job in making this software intuitive per se. The only function is the ability to drag, sizeand fell to the whole attitude, to get the shape and format that you want to caracair. You can also earndirect types of open documents, using tabs inside the program. There is great software that opens .docx but as .doc.

Really an alternative

The Free 2016 WPS office is practicalan alternative to Word for those with low budgets, thanks to its pretty good features and compatibility. However, your time is limited to a trial free of charge. Useful as a job, but less as a permanent replacement.

WPS Office 2016

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