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Post on 22/09/2017

TO DO IN TERMS OF 13.09.2013





FILES Number 91x250MB

PRO EVOLUTION FOOTBALL 2018 – FC Barcelona Bovcha version

Special version of the dedicated version of FC Barcelona and PES

fans! Get my Club’s exclusive content about the club!

Agent 1x from FCB

1x special agent FCB Legend

My myClub currency 1000

Bonus myClub content:

4x boot agents


10,000 GP 10 weeks


Save or place a photo

Install the game

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to enjoy

“Often, they did not come out”

The game has been changed to the new version and consists of everyone


About the 2018 Reform Market: FC Barcelona + Reddit Community Mega Pack 2018 (September 15, 2017)

Date of issue: September 14, 2017

Genres / Tags: Games, Football, 3D

Developer: Digital Entertainment for Konami

Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment

Platform: computer

Engine: engineFox

SteamGood user description: 63% of user names are positive (based on 368 views)

Language of languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian, Chinese simplified, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish, Dutch, Japanese

Sound language: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese

Dial: built (CPY)


Operating system: Windows 10 / 8/7 SP1 (64-bit only!)

Software: Intel Core i5-3450 / AMD FX 4100 (does not work for processors without SSE support!)


Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 7750 or more

DirectX: 11

Disk compact area: up to 25 GB (based on selected comment bag) + 1 GB on system device if you place RCMP2018

SERVICE! The minimum of the repacker is GB, please read the damage information in the recovery section.

Screenshots – click on thissmell


PROSOLUTION SOCCER 2018 – Publisher of the FC Barcelona player

Special version of dedicated version for FC Barcelona fans and PES! Get my club’s exclusive content about the club!

1x FCB Special agent 1x FCB Legend Agent Special 1000 myClub Bonus myClub content: 4x Home Agents 1x Partner Club Agent 10,000 GP 10 wiki

New PES 2018 work

Game Attack System, Touch Effect + and new features to take a game that is not equal to second-level player photos PES LeagueIntervincing Competition with the PES League in new ways, including myClub Online Co-op A mode designed for op play coalition is newly added Random Pick Match Fan favorite returns to new submissions and articles Master Master to improve the Nieuwpre seasonal tournament , improve transfer, exhibition and performance improve visual visual lighting, improve models of players and animations that include everything from facial exercise to bring life to life

RedditCommunity Mega Pack2018

It includes the correct names of teams, scores, strikes, tournaments, EFL Premier League Championship, Serie A, Series B, La Liga, La Liga 2, Bundesliga and much more.

After closing the work of Repak, you can upload a list of EDIT LOAD MANAGEMENT LOAD DATA.

Repeat articles

According to the ISO version (26406516736 bytes) Reddit Community Mega Pack 2018 (from lfcanfield, September 15, 2017, GB.) Is added as 100% Lossless MD5 Perfect: All files are similar to nativeDesigned by instalacijataNISHTO, NOTHING recoded when 17 languages ‚Äč‚Äčeach GUI included in this Repak, you can just download the package specifying that you need, You can also download and set the Reddit Community Mega Pack 2018 Skip to a large amount of small file (Compressed additional to ~ GB, accordingly with selected components) Duration Installation: ~ 10 minutes in wire 8 process; ~ 20 minutes in the 4-core process; ~ 40 minutes 2-based CPU Compatibility monitoring after installation, so you can make sure thatThe HDD space has been installed after installation: up to 25 GB (depending on the selected package views) The game settings can be adjusted from PES 2018 from your desktop. Repack uses the ZTool library from Razor12911 Requires at least 2 GB free RAM (virtual included) to install this restore and FitGirl

What’s getting you

You can skip comment download packets with Reddit Community Mega Pack 2018 if you do not need it. Here is a list of selected files:

(Mega Pack to Community Reddit2018)

ToFor example, if you want to start a game with German views only – skip all the selected files / options, but download all the main files (01-04).

Architectural problems?

Read this guide for troublesome problems


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