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With supernatural features, stars such as Jensen Akklus and Jared Padaletsky Dean and Sam Winchester play the way to two grandparents traveling with their father and fighting bad spirits. Sam Winchester is a university student who is associated with a law school that decidesto escape the last of his family, unlike his older brother, Dean. Since he was a young father, his mother enthusiastically absorbed malicious intentions to kill his mother, two small training diteyi rent. Take They grew as much as the supernatural hunters.Semdecided to go to college, and now lives happily with his girlfriend Jessica with a future career. However, Dean was delayed to “hunt” with his father. Dean Sam helps when he is a father. Now Sam has to find his brother in search of him. John Winchester is heading for the runners, who are looking for an unforgettable onepersecution, terrible tragedy. After a while he spoils his thoughts. Happy Life.

Supernatural S13E07

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