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The boy wanted to protect the girl. That was his mind. 10 years after the Battle of the Holy Grail, wars and clerics survive wars over desires, in the city of Fuiuki, the Holy Grailanother broke apart. Shirou Emiiathe adopted son Kiritsugu Emi, participants of the previous World War of Fire for Fighting, who pursue Kiritsugus’s desire. Tera is a young girl by Shirous who is in love with him. Sakura Matou. Every morning he goes to Shirous’s house for breakfast and dinner for himbring kindness to the lives ofthe sons of all the world. But wanneerdie Holy Grail war appears, there is a change in the air in the city of Fuiuki. Murder crosses the city, and the atmosphere becomes malicious. Shirou decides to move Sakura to his house. Together with Saber, the officer calls, Shirou joins the wizard Rin Tohsaki and participates in the Holy Grail and the battle. It begins because the secret maneuvers of invisible forces play in the game.

Fate Stay Night Subtitled 2017
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The explosion took place on the underground mining in the mountain village of Hongliang, leaving 4 dead, the name of scientists Blasters Chzhao Syuydun survivors each. Zhao suspect bomb was just an accident but planned inshyya.Hots further investigation, he and Mr Lee Yi murdered Mr. Wang Sirbai digging dirt. With an increasing number of bodies, Zhao is the main suspect in the case, and must use all his knowledge and skills that he needs to destroy his name.

Language: Cantonese

Subtitle: Not available


The Secretary General announced on 28 December 2017

Genre: Crime / Drama

Time: None

distributors: GSC Movies



Format: 2D

Explosion 2017
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Supernatural features starring Jensen Axel and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who travel to the country in search of their lost father and fight against evil spirits on the road. Sam Winchester is a law school tied to students, determined to escape from his family’s passover – unlike his elder brother Dean. Even after they were few, his father was obsessed with finding the evil forces that killed his beloved wife as a consequenceof the recruitment and training of his two children to help him take revenge. Tees grew up as a supernatural hunter. Sam escaped under the premise of going to college, and now he has a happy life with his girlfriend Jessica and promising a future career. Dean, however, stayed with his father to join him in a “hunting.” Dean goes to Sam for help when his father disappears. Now, Samtoi must have found your brother. His only trip on the weekend in search of the missing John Winchester becomesin a constant search for a terrible tragedy that destroys the happy happy life of Sam. The two brothers, captured in tragedy and blood in their mission, travel a country to the great and dangerous forces they believe are only superstitions and folklore like “Lady in White,” the Indian beast known as Vendigo Traveler, a ghost who causes accidents plane, Bloody Mary, vampires, demons and many others

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