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Sims 4: Dine Out (c) Electronic Arts

07/2016: PROTECTION: Origin + DLC hell

1: DISC (S): Sims


Internal Tags, because it is not for the scene. It’s for friends and boyfriends

Games. If a group of “scenes” wants to break our crack we can get

The routine ofTony Source of p2p cracks and shares: ^)

This version of Addon includes past DLCs

Update the main game. Add DLC: Movies, Romantic, Kids Running and Eating Game

Packages of the current version are Enjoi!

Make a restaurant and eat out

Pickgarestor and eat Sims eat with 4 dishes

Create and manage a restaurant, staff, and a perfect setting

It makes me profitable and grows my business. Diet with Sim is happy

New restaurants and quality consumers with friends and family



2.Collection or installation of images

3. Install the game. No other version installed

4. Define the language used to select a language. Or check crackini files

5. Copy the contents of a broken / cracked folder in the image

Your Game Setup Directory

6Play the game

7. Support software developers. If you like this game, buy it!

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Sims 4: Citi Life (c) Electronic Arts

12/2016: PROTECTION: Origin + DLC

1: DISC (S): Sims

Is the son out of the suburbs? Fill your dream

The diverse cities of San Mishuno,Where we can discover exciting settlements,

Go to a new apartment, check out fun festivals and so on. In Sims 4

Simcim live cities can be a joy and a challenge of separation

Close to home with other SIM cards.Run it from the start unit

The penthouse is your new Sims launch in the city!


This is a full game, including the extension of Citi Living

Series, Vintage Glamor package, as well as recent updates

And the game / game / expansion pack.

The deliveries are cleared within the warehouse,As it should not

Cancel your gift before Christmas

Have a “Merry Christmas” and be happy!


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